Artist Feature: Malini Mohankumar

For this week's artist feature we have the work of Malini Mohankumar. Malini creates beautiful scenes out of found pebbles. The entire process from collecting material and then making a piece of art from them is a meditative challenge for her and it's this challenge that gives her the drive to keep making work.

Check out Malini on Instagram (@Malithenerd)

Artist Statement: While working with natural materials without changing their natural formed shapes I encounter many beautiful outcomes to cherish.  It gives me a sense of completion and great satisfaction. I feel pride when a design challenge is solved and I could make sense of every pebble that I have used.  Any form of artwork that has personal meaning will bring out the passion in the work of art. I also believe that personal connection happens through subject matter. A subject that has meaning to keep his/her interest and create a desire to finish the piece. In my own work, that is true because throughout the process I always try a bring the real world subject and personal connection. At the beginning, collecting the basic materials for the work is deeply reflective and informative. Later, bringing those materials together into a form—distilling and shaping movement, creating a context, working to something that feels cohesive and complete. That’s incredibly powerful for me and something that really keeps me going.

If you're interested in having your art shown on The Millennial Artist please submit 3-5 images or a video and an artist's statement to Artist Features will be posted every Wednesday. 


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