Artist Feature: spaceill

I'm excited to post the first artist feature on The Millennial Artist. To start things off we have spaceill (Nicklaus Cogdil). spaceill discovered that audio programs can produce glitch art and began creating glitched images. His source images include some album covers, alluding to the close relationship between music and visual art for the artist. 

Artist statement: After discovering that the music recording software I use could create art other than music, I took some album covers and a few pictures and started running them through the system/plugins as I would with sounds. What came out was stunning to me. Since then I’ve continued the creation of glitch work through audio software and HEX editing. These pieces reflect the grit and effort behind the process of producing and readying creations of sound for release.  

Check out spaceill on Instagram (@spaceill)  to view more of his art!

If you're interested in having your artwork featured on The Millennial Artist please email 3-5 images or a video of your artwork and an artist statement to Artist features will be posted every Wednesday. 


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